Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011: reinvent yourself

A new year is a time for self contemplation and reflection and as someone who is incredibly passionate about my choice of garb, I like my given outfit to emulate whatever mood I'm feeling.  I graduated from college with a major in Fashion Design last spring, so 2011 is the first full year I will experience completely on my own out in the real world. This years theme: SELF-REINVENTION... and what better way to kick off 2011 than to display this sentiment in the ever-so-important new years eve frock.

Many know one of the most affordable ways to get the most stylish AND original finds is to go vintage/thrift shopping- the treasures you can find are endless, but sometimes they need a little work. My trick to successful vintage shopping is making sure that whatever I purchase, while it's recycled, still can look new and fresh - it needs to be capable of being "REINVENTED," b/c the last thing you want is to look like you're wearing a halloween costume. My own personal challenge as a designer is to try to envision how I can update the piece to make it modern, so when I found this head-to-toe gold and silver sequined with black beading, floor-length evening gown equipped with shoulder pads circa 1986 at No Relation Vintage (204 1st Ave) for $25.00,  I knew I had found my gem to ring in the new year.

I took my DIY project home and got right to work. Trying my hardest to bring to life the potential that I saw in this dress, I removed the shoulder pads, put in a new zipper, took in both sides and sleeves a tapered inch and a half and shortened the hem 5 and half inches above the knee. 

It was the perfect New Years Eve...


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