Sunday, November 6, 2011

ombre nails

i'm obsessing over this ombre nail look seen at the Parkmoonchoo Fall 2011 show.

the best part of all...this look is very easy to do yourself!

What you'll need:

-Three nail polishes: an opaque nude color, a super-dark hue, and a clear topcoat.

1. First, use the nude color as your base coat and let it dry completely.
2. Next, paint a very thick layer of clear topcoat over the nude color.
3. Then, while this thick clear topcoat is still very wet, use short strokes of the dark hue with a heavily-loaded to apply the color to the tip of the nail.
4. Make sure to lay it on thick and don't worry about being too precise- the two polishes should run together to create a marbled effect.
5. Let nails dry completely, clean up any mistakes around the nail with nail polish remover.
6. Lastly, finish with another layer of clear topcoat.

(photo and all info via fashionologie)


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