Monday, February 28, 2011

mary kate steinmiller's bracelets.

Mary Kate Steinmiller is not only Teen Vogue's Fashion Market Editor but also a very talented jewelry designer. 

She started making bracelets 7 years ago as an intern after her boss couldn't get the jewelry she wanted for a shoot, and Mary Kate could replicate them easily. The bracelets she made were shot in every look and Charlotte Ronson saw the story and contacted Mary Kate to sell them at her store in NYC. From there, her little business grew and now they've been shot in Teen Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, New York Magazine and Glamour and currently sell at Charlotte Ronson and Fred Segal and she still makes every single bracelet herself.

Each bracelet sells for $44.00- $60.00, but CLICK HERE to watch a video of Mary Kate and Charlotte Ronson explaining how to make these yourself...

Or, another alternative is, head to american eagle for some cute, cheap, and vibrant friendship bracelet options...








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